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Chairman, Managing Director & HOD - Cardiology , Delhi Heart and Lung Institute , New Delhi

Dr. K. K. Sethi – Common Symptoms of Heart Problems (in hindi)

Watch Dr. K K Sethi, cardiologist and Padama Shree awardee, Chairman & Managing Director at Delhi Heart and Lung Institute, New Delhi, talk about common cardiac diseases, signs and symptoms, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. He also talks about how to prevent cardiac diseases, especially at a young age.

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Keeping a healthy heart and preventing coronary artery disease or cardiovascular disease requires managing the risk factors that cause the disorder. Risk factors for heart disease include high cholesterol, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, family history of heart disease, among others. To know what factor can affect the heart in a person, screening tests can be done during routine visits to the doctor.

Screening for cardiovascular disease can begin as early as the age of 20, and the frequency of follow-ups depend on the level of risk involved. Screening tests for heart include:

Blood pressure

Lipoprotein profile

Body weight

Blood Glucose

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