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Heart Attack vs Heart Failure vs Cardiac Arrest

People often confuse between heart attack, heart failure and cardiac arrest. 

They are different things and their symptoms, causes and results vary. The death of Michael Jackson due to cardiac arrest pulled up many questions about the difference between Cardiac arrest and heart attack. People often think all three of the terms are the same, which is not true.  Some of the top heart specialists in India explain:

Heart Attack

Also called a myocardial infarction, an MI or, to use more old-fashioned terms, a coronary, this occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle suddenly goes wrong, starving it of oxygen and causing the muscle to die. This happens when one of the heart’s own blood vessels gets clogged. The intensity of the heart attack depends on how big the clog is, which will also tell us, how much of the heart muscles have died.

Causes of Heart Attack?

According to one of the best cardiologists in Delhi, the most common reason for heart attack is the formation of blood clots, which gets stuck to one of the heart’s blood vessels resulting in blockage. It is more likely to happen, if you are a male, a smoker, older, overweight, if you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

What is Heart Failure?

One of the top cardiologists of Faridabad says that the term heart failure can be quite misleading. ‘Heart inefficiency’ would be a better term to use.

It refers to the heart acting as a pump. When the heart beats, it squeezes a specific amount of blood. If one has a heart failure, the pump becomes less efficient and is unable to cope up with the squeezing of heart which results in pumping less blood, each time. It does not necessarily mean that the heart is going to stop working at any time. It just means it’s not working as efficiently it should work.

What is a Cardiac Arrest?

Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops functioning completely. When the electrical impulses stop which means, the heart cannot beat any longer. These electrical impulses can sometimes be started but providing shocks artificially.



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