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Coronary Angioplasty
Coronary Angioplasty

Dietary Modifications After Angioplasty

Coronary Angioplasty is a procedure where the plagues in the coronary artery are fixed using balloons or stents, thereby improving proper functioning of the heart. A blocked artery should be a major wake up call to address the risk factors that increase the chances of heart attack. In order to reap the long term benefits and prevent plaque formation in the arteries or chance of a heart attack, post procedure care is very essential. Dietary modifications after angioplasty is an integral part of post procedure care.

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Following dietary modifications after angioplasty are typically recommended by experienced cardiologists. This will help reduce the cholesterol levels and possibility of plague buildup, thereby improving heart health.

Foods to Reduce After Angioplasty

Foods to Avoid after Angioplasty
Foods to Avoid after Angioplasty


Reduced salt intake helps in lowering the blood pressure and contributes indirectly in reducing the heart work load.

High fatty foods

Reduce your intake of trans fats and saturated fats as they increase your chances of heart disease even when consumed in small portions. Highly processed foods and junk foods are rich in trans fats, therefore you should give these foods a skip while trying to move towards a healthy lifestyle. Foods containing saturated fatty acids are also not advised during weight reduction.


Foods with added sugar

The colas, juices, sodas, all have loads of sugar, which can complicate your diabetes and lead to weight gain. Avoid them; switch to green tea, or fruit infusions, that are better healthier alternatives.

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Foods to Increase After Angioplasty

Fruits & Vegetables

Yes, your mumma was right. They are an essential component of the food pyramid and should make 4-6 portions each day. A key source to all the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are quick sources of energy and yet calories poor. Try to eat them in their most natural form without adding too much of seasoning and toppings, that might contribute towards the calorie count.

Foods to Increase After Angioplasty
Foods to Increase After Angioplasty

Healthy Oils

Not all fats are bad, in fact few are essential as they help in building up the essential components of your body and good for lubricating joints. These include olive oil, peanut oil, and canola. Prefer to have poly-unsaturated fatty acids.


Nuts are mini power house full of fiber, proteins and essential fats. Consuming these on a daily basis is helpful. While almonds are rich in calcium and Vitamin E, cashews are rich in zinc, iron, magnesium. Walnuts are highly recommended as they are known anti-oxidants and are rich in omega 3. They also contribute significantly in lowering LDL.

Whole grains

Try consuming whole grains instead of processed flour: they are rich in fiber, stuff you more and control your blood sugar levels. Oats, has been particularly beneficial in reducing the cholesterol content and it is rich in soluble fiber and move cholesterol out of the blood stream.

Sprouts or legumes

They provide fiber, help you stuff and supplement you with essential nutrients.

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