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Colorectal Cancer Treatment Options

There are different types of treatment for patients with colon cancer. The colorectal cancer treatment options differ from case to case.


It is the most preferred treatment option and involves removal of the cancerous tissue to control further spread. Depending on the stage of the colon cancer and how far it is spread, the surgeon may opt to prefer local excision or resection. Local excision is usually carried out when tumor is localized and is in early stages. Polypectomy involves removal of polyps.

Resection is a bigger surgery and might involve removal of cancer cells that are large in volume. The doctor may then sew the healthy parts of the colon together. This is called as Anastomosis.
Most of the times lymph nodes are also removed. In cases where healthy parts of the colon cannot be sewed together, a small opening is made on the outside of the body to let the waste pass through. A bag is placed around the stoma for timely removal of the waste. This is called as resection with colostomy.

Radio frequency ablation

Radio frequency ablation takes use of special probe which contains tiny electrodes that kill cancer cells. It may be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia based on each individual case.


This is specialized surgery that uses instrument to freeze and destroy cancerous tissue. This type of treatment is also called Cryotherapy.


Chemotherapy utilizes drugs to kill cancerous cells by variety of mechanisms. These drugs enter the blood steam via mouth or through vein and may either kill the cancer cells directly or by inhibiting their cell division.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy utilizes high-energy X-rays or specialized radiations to kill cancer cells or arrest their growth. They are of two types:
– External radiation therapy is carried out using a machine placed outside the body to send radiation toward the cancer
– Internal radiation therapy is based on utilizing radioactive substance that are placed near the cancer to emit radioactive waves and kill the cancer cells

Targeted therapy

As the name suggests, targeted therapy aims at specific cancer cells and kill them without harming normal cells, unlike chemotherapy. Hence, leads to lesser side effects.

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