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6 Reasons To Give Up Diet Soda

So you are a health enthusiast and very conscious of the calories you consume every day. That’s the major reason you opt for diet soda instead of regular soft drinks. We agree that diet soda does not have the usual 140+ calories found in other sugary drinks but that does not really make it harmless?

Diet soda is in vogue these days. Kids, adults and elderly all are picking up the diet soda can from the shelves of supermarket. Studies reveal that diet soda may appear to be a healthier alternative but in reality diet sodas are equally bad for your health. Here are six reasons why you should give up diet soda.

Diet soda is just empty calories. It is has no nutritional value to it. Instead of diet soda, we should go for plain drinking water which will be more beneficial in removing the toxins from our body.
Side effects of artificial sweeteners. Diet soda has artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine which dull our senses to natural sugars such as those found in fruits. Artificial sweeteners are also known to trigger headaches and migraine.
Weight gain. Diet soda ingredients trigger the fat storage mechanism of body. Thus leading to weight gain especially around the waist. Regular drinkers of diet soda are found to have greater waist circumference as compared to those who prefer water.
Health risks. Drinking one diet soda per day puts you at the risk of Type 2 diabetes, elevated glucose levels in the blood, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels. Diet soda drinkers are at greater risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
Bad for bone health. Diet soda is known to decrease the mineral density in bones as well as reduce the absorption of Calcium and Vitamin D. Thus, increasing the chances of osteoporosis especially in women.

Replace your diet soda can with other healthy beverages such as fresh lime water, fresh juices, iced tea, smoothies, soups or just plain water.

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