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4 Effects of Excess Alcohol on the Body

Like every other week, this week was full of endless meetings, appointments and deadlines. A fun night which started out with one drink, led to one to many shots leaving our bodies feeling dehydrated beyond words. Below are the effects of excess alcohol and what happens to the body a day after:

#1. Stomach upset: Not only does alcohol irritate the stomach and intestine linings, it contributes to constipation, leaving you feeling uncomfortable for hours!

#2. Major dehydration: There is a decrease in the production of anti-diuretic hormone which helps the body reabsorb water. With this in play, the body tends to lose more water through increase in the frequency to pee.

#3. Disturbed sleep: Immediate effect of Alcohol involves the inhibition of glutamate production which helps keep us awake. On the other hand, during hangover, (Hangover cures) the body overproduces glutamate which further results in disturbed sleeping patterns.

#4. Invitation to depression: A lot of people think alcohol helps in depression but in reality, the consumption of alcohol leads to decrease in the production of serotonin in the brain. This leads to a depressive state of mind. (Read more about binge drinking)

Effects of excess alcohol are not only limited to the above mentioned; consumption of excess alcohol also leads to the decrease in production of vitamin B 12, vitamin D, memory loss and liver damage. (Read tips on drinking a limited amount to stay on top of your game)

According to a report by World Health Organisation,

The per capita consumption of alcohol in India increased by 38%, and statistics suggest that alcohol kills an Indian every 96 minutes!

Worried about your alcohol intake? Read a detailed article and comments of a trusted gastroenterologist on Can You Get Alcoholic Liver Disease?

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