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24 Indian moms bust pregnancy myths!

Below mentioned are word-by-word experiences and pregnancy myths shared by the Indian moms on the New Moms Club.

#1 Khadija Murtuza Vohra

Elders told me roz jhadu lagao.. normal delivery hogi and also drink 1 glass milk with 1/4th cup ghee in it… Delivery ekdum aasan ho jayegi.. lol

#2 Ambika Pradeep Chadha

Maine to pocha bhi lagaya ..ghee wala milk bhi piya but fir bhi I had C section

#3 Khadija Murtuza Vohra

Lol… maine to kuch bhi nai kiya.. phir bhi normal delivery.

#4 Shradha Pranav Maheshwari

Me too bus walk ki or kuch nhi kiya, I also had normal delivery

#5 Richa Saini

People said that drink ghee as more as possible….. According to them bacha asani se fisal k bahar aa jayega.….as if the ghee will go to birth canal instead of stomach….*wink*… And many more are there as I use to deal such idiotic ideas daily due to my profession…but this is the best one I remember instantly….

#6 Kirti Joshi Gupta 

Dhaaga seedha wall pe stick karna on the day of chandragrahan during pregnancy.. It will act as your shadow, even if you bend it won’t bend and there will be no harm to baby..Just can’t understand the logic of bending, Grahan and harm to baby..

#7 Shubhneeta Robin Bhutani

People say u can’t apply mehandi (heena)… and that solar and lunar eclipse my God. ..I felt soo hungry ..full day nothing to eat ..not allowed to go washroom even…

#8 Cilianna D’Cruz Sequeira

If u drink lots of coconut water baby’s head will be like coconut…everybody felt that if u had ghee in milk – the baby will slip out. Wonder why doctors don’t use this tip during labour…lol

#9 Parul Seth

If you’re craving for sour things then it will be a girl child and if its sweet then baby boy and I was craving for sweets. Despite that I had a baby girl haha. Also if first thing you eat in the morning is white the baby will be whitish in colour! Brinjal mat khayo baby black ho ga!

#10 Radha Ashwani Jha

Nothing as such but nariyal khane se baby gora hoga.. Don’t know if its a myth or what…

#11 Shradha Pranav Maheshwari

Hare nariyal ki lambi phak cut krke khao baby ki eyes badi hungi . Pehla bite chota khao baby ki muhphad choti hogi

#12 Saumya Gaur

Chocolates mat khana ni to beta kala hoga….hehe

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#13 Saramita Banerjee Mondal

Drink milk, eat egg taaki baby gora rang ka hoga, eat food with small opening of your mouth fir baby ka mouth opening bhi chota hoga, and grahan mein baapre baap!!!!

#14 Saramita Banerjee Mondal 

aur ek weird myth…agar nipples black colour ka ho to beta aur brown ho to beti. Mera brown tha lekin beta hua

#15 Devanshi Pandit Kaw

If anybody (even my husband) come to our house in the evening (andhera hone k baad) then I have to rush into another room…he was not supposed to meet me or see me directly…this become problematic during my 8th n 9th month of delivery because I was very heavy that time…

#16 Nidhi Mukherjee

Meri mother in law ne kaha coconut water peene se baby ke eyes green ya grey color ke ho jaege isliye mat piyo par mane pia n mere baby ke eyes black hi hai...most weirdest of all...ek or hai..agar aapje baby ke waist (kamar) par do chote holes bane hai to next jo baby hoga boy hi hoga

#17 Richa Oberoi

Eat soaked almond the first thing in the morning…baby will be fair..I had it hardly for 10 days because of morning sickness but my baby was super fair ! Pooja wale shank mei paani bhar ke piyo delivery normal hogi…I didn’t do that and I delivered normal 😉

#18 Devanshi Pandit Kaw

Meri beti hue kyunki mere parents ki pehli beti thi (thats me) aur meri jaithani ka ladka hua kyunki unke parents ka pehla ladka hai…can’t understand the logic

#19 Pallavi Gulati

Eat coconut flower you will have boy…. eat coconut bacha gora hoga…. if you like to have banana toh beta hoga …. silly is one of my friend had lots of coconut and its flowers during pregnancy and uska baby bilkul coconut ki tarah hua … I mean outer color not inner hehehe

#20 Mae Coelho

I have heard having coconut water is first three months …will form water in child’s brain…LoL

#21 Bharti Sunny Ghai

Mirch masale khane se baby without hair paida hota hai. Esa meri malish wali ne kaha. Because my baby was born without eyebrows and eyelashes with few hair on head. And most weird one was if baby boy ke secret part ka color black ho to placenta uske sath lga hota hai.

#22 Sadia Khan

If you bleed or have spotting that means you will have a baby boy

#23 Huma Usmani

Eat as much coconut as you can for a fair child. Orange se bhi fair child. During solar/lunar eclipse dont move a bone. No food, no water, nothing. My bad luck that there was a solar eclipse during my pregnancy. I was made to lie down straight on my back not bending arms or legs not eating or drinking for 7 hours. That was worse than labour pain. And of course ghee and milk and staying home at 12pm and 12am. My mother in law did not even let me drive said it’s bad for the baby

#24 Saanvi Chhabra

I couldn’t even walk properly during pregnancy because of terrible backache..couldn’t do my basic work walk jhadu pocha n all..used to do exercise only..had normal delivery..even by looking at me people used to say tuje to operation bola hoga ns dr ne..

A famous gynecologist in Gurgaon said, “Pregnancy is as delicate as it is exciting. It is very important to consult your gynae before taking taking up any gharelu nuskha”

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