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11 Breastfeeding Stories that will melt your Heart!

Mom #1 

I love the feeling when my baby use to look for me and stop crying when I breastfed. Initially it was a challenge always confusion if I’m able to supply sufficiently that baby is fed properly, etc. But then after having so many things papaya , dalia ,etc. The Biggest Challenge was handling relatives those irritate you by saying “I think your baby is hungry. Maybe you’re not feeding properly. If u wont eat then how are you gonna feed your baby?” – Sheetal Joshi

Mom #2

From 7th month onward my breasts started leaking milk. In the starting I could not understand why it was happening before delivery, but later when I googled I understood. That was a difficult time as my MIL always used to poke me “hey whats this? Why is your shirt wet” As a lady she just couldn’t understand that these type of questions will be embarrassing for me because of her tone and being asked by one lady who already has two grown up kids. But later my husband supported me by getting maternity clothes and I was confident – Sonam Agarwal Bhasin 

Mom #3

I had a c-section. I still remember the day I started feeding my daughter in the hospital. She could not latch initially. I did almost everything so that she could latch but of no use. I kept on crying because my baby used 2 cry. But I didn’t give up. At last when she started latching properly it was a great relief to me. After this the next challenge was to make sure that her tummy is full. The best moment was wen my daughter used 2 stop crying when I breastfed her. But even after feeding at night she used to cry a lot and all relatives kept on irritating me saying that you feed is not sufficient for the baby so take lots of milk, dalia, masoor dal, galact powder (all these were already included in my diet)…and start giving her top feed (which I wanted to avoid). Every second person became my doctor and started giving me advise – Don’t eat this – don’t eat that – all do’s & donts’ (my diet was already very light and digestible). Don’t feed her so early – , but I knew my baby was satisfied with my feed and I actually enjoyed the time spent with my daughter while feeding her. Thats the best moment when my daughter used 2 feel satisfied after breastfeeding. – Prabhjot Rajwanshi Kohli

Mom #4

I am very particular about giving bm to my dd who is 4 months now. But I introduced ff two times a day from the very start. Rest of the times she on bf. I used to feel very content when my dd used get my feed. But due to very less support from people around me I faced a real hard time. My own mother breastfed us for not more than a month and my MIL has never breastfed her children. So in terms of experience I got no advice from these two important women in my life. I still feel its my own responsibility to breastfeed my dd. My MIL told me many times that my dd is not getting sufficient feed so increase the number of ff. Instead of telling me ways to increase my bm. Which used to lower my self confidence, my self esteem. My target was to offer my baby bm atleast till 6 months. But am satisfied that in-spite of getting 0% guidance I could sufficiently breastfeed my dd for 4 months. I am still feeding her but my milk supply has reduced and now I, on my own, have increased her number of ff.

When I was in the hospital I was having real difficulty in feeding my dd. I had a c-section and couldn’t feed my dd on that day. My dd was brought to me for feeding the very next day. Since I had channel inserted on my left hand I couldn’t even hold my dd properly. From the next day I was told to walk down to the Nursery to feed her. That was a huge challenge for me. My cabin was very far from the Nursery still I made myself strong and walked the distance to feed her. But because of the channel I couldn’t hold her properly and thus couldn’t feed her. I had to take recourse to the pump. Finally after failing repeatedly to feed her I became seriously depressed and burst into tears in front of my husband. At that time, a sister visited my cabin and saw me in tears. She beautifully assured me that I am indeed a very good mother. She said

“You should not worry about bfing, you will master the art once you are back home. Everyone is a novice here. Please don’t cry like this”.

And I was so relaxed after her assurance. The very next day I perfectly breastfed my dd. It was a lovely experience.– Anupriya Mitra Bose

Mom #5

I had c-section and on 16 December night I started breastfeeding my son on his birth day. I had no problem till 4 months. Suddenly my right breast started paining a lot and got stiff, because of that I got high fever. Asked my gynac she has given me medicine and pain reduced gradually but during that time had to take out milk from right side manually. Doctor told me it happens if u feed from one side frequently. After one month got white spot in right side breast and it gave me tremendous pain, was not ready to feed my baby from that side. Doctor said no medicine it will go gradually and it took 2 months to go. I did breastfeeding while pain because didn’t wanted to increase more problem. Now I’m fine. But those two problems were dangerous. So be careful gals. – Charu Palwe-Lathi

Mom #6

I breastfed my lo for almost a year despite the fact that I joined work after 4 months. Initially faced lots of hitches.. Latching issues.. Consulted a lactation consultant and my problem resolved like magic. It was the best feeling to be able to breastfeed. MIL issues – well she overloaded me with milk and curd as she felt the more milk I have the more I will produce.. My answer – cow doesn’t have milk LOL but alas that didn’t help much. Always forced me to eat this and that and drink more milk. Doesn’t matter now that I look back. When I joined work I used to express one feed before leaving and feed immediately after returning. My workplace allowed me flexi hours in the beginning that helped a lot. Gradually we started on solids but the expressing continued with one ebm and one or two ff when i was away. Slowly I was feeding twice a day and at night after which I stopped at about one year. Loved each moment of breastfeeding. – Navneet Kaur

Mom #7

After my baby’s birth I was not able to breastfeed my child. The problem was latching it was very disappointing for a woman to not to breastfeed your child. I did everything but all in vain… Day n night I was trying for this … After 8 days of delivery my baby was able latch properly it was a big relief for me. For this I want to thank my husband Amit Khanna who was after me for breast feeding. Bfing is the best feeling in motherhood, whenever my baby’s hungry she puts her mouth on my breast without knowing that she’s eating my clothes by this way. But its her way to tell me that I’m hungry mom feed me – Priya Amit Khanna

Mom #8

Breastfeeding was initially too tough for me. Something that was like biggest challenge for me.

I had my Baby’s delivery thru c-section. I could not feed my lo so doctor immediately started with formula. By the time I recover and be on my feet my lo was admitted in baby’s nursing home because of irregular jerking of his hands legs and eyes. I was completely broken. It was like someone took my life away. So for 2 days he was away from me. I wasn’t sent there and I could not express milk to send to him due to my low milk supply. That was because he had not started latching at all. And the day he came I was overwhelmed and that day I realized what my Baby is to me. From that day onwards started feeding him and it was tough because of my milk supply. When we got discharge my lo wanted to feed every minute. So then as usual all the advise and extra comments from all because of low milk supply. 1st 15 days my lo had low weight gain.

So  my pediatrician in gurgaon gave certain medications and powders for increasing milk supply. Still my lo used feel hungry every time and my nipples had become soar n got cuts. My MIL kept saying I don’t eat well so milk supply is low and all used to say my baby is so thin etc. But I didn’t give up. I Googled and did a lot of investigation. I found 1 thing that milk supply depends on how much milk is given/demanded so I gave my lo how much and when he needed. Then I succeeded atleast a bit and his nappy count increased and weight gain was as required. I used give him formula too twice a day. Then after 4 months he started acting cranky while feeding. Yet I didn’t give up. Some how I managed to keep up breastfeeding. Even after joining work after he was 3 months I didn’t leave feeding him. Worked 4 to 5 hours during which he was given ff and rest of the time I fed him. After all the nagging because of less milk supply and my baby’s weight I have completed 9 months of feeding and still planning to continue and my baby is happy and a healthy child. I’m enjoying my motherhood and breastfeeding. But nothing was possible without the help of my dearest mummy n hubby – Jasmine D’souza

Mom #9

Before delivery I used to tell my hubby that me not gonna breastfeed the baby much. From day 1 I will start ff for him. But when the nurse brought my lo to my room, the moment I held him in my arms.. Something magical happened. Nurse brought a diya-shaped thing to feed him. As she felt that my milk was less. Don’t know what happened, but I was a changed person, who is now an extremely possessive yet carefree. I told nurse that I’ll feed him after 10 mins if he is hungry. After 2 months, everyone used to say that I should start ff for my lo. The day I first time I gave him ff, I cried. I didn’t want to give him that feed as it didn’t suit him. Though now me giving him 1 feed of toned milk at night, during feeding him, the way he looks and talks to me, that moment is the most precious one. The way he wants me to hold him, the way he looks at me- the most content moment. Breastfeeding helps mothers not only to give all nutritional value, but also helps to frame a very very special bond. – Davneet Inderpal Makkar

Mom #10

A mother-kid relation is very precious. It becomes very special when a mum starts feeding her baby. I had a c-section so initially my son was put on ff. From the second day I could feed him a little. Sometimes I couldn’t position myself or he couldn’t latch properly. A very cute incident happened in the hospital itself. It was the third day, early morning nurse came to do the needful. After she left, my son woke up and begun asking for milk. As due to stitches I could not take side and he was not able to latch. I called up my relative but she was deep in sleep. Then suddenly I found my baby finding a way to latch. Then he came little closer and latched properly. Soon I fell sleepy. As i always felt sleeping when baby sucks milk. When i woke up, i saw my baby sleeping on my arm. Satisfied calm and cute. Love u my baby. My baby used to hold my cloth whenever he wanted milk – Ashima Singh

Mom #11

Breastfeeding biggest challenge for me. I had my baby through c-section. I could not feed my baby initially. So the doctor advised me to give up milk. My mother was with me all the time so it was a big help but bf – for 3 days I was in the hospital, so the nurses helped me and my baby. Doctor told me to try for 7-8 days regularly. Don’t lose hope. First make baby to suck nipples then if he fails to do then give up milk. So i tried and tried and after 8-9 days he did it. He starts taking milk. For 1-2 mnths it’s very painful and my baby suck very hard. Evrey time my breasts pained. But slowly slowly I got use to it and my baby also got into the habit of having it properly. But uufff. Breastfeed itself is a heavy task for a mother. You know what – One day i couldn’t bf him for 4-5 hours. I was in the hospital and he was with his nani at home. My breast became very heavy. I couldn’t understand what was happening and then when I came home I bf my baby then it was showering milk! I started laughing – weird i know! My mother told me its normal and feed him every 2 hours. So at the end of the day, its good to be a mother. Every day new challenge… – Smriti Sharma

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