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109 Moms Share Favourite Pregnancy Memories

We asked our New Moms Club members what they missed about their pregnancy the most. Here’s what they have to say…

Nidhi Mukherjee I missed every single day of my pregnancy right from the day I conceived…I remembered that day we went to Goa for vacations…we had so much fun there…after coming back from there I missed my periods and (eventually) came to know that I’m pregnant…from that time till 9 months – my pamper days started..my MIL my husband my mom everyone told me to retire from work now on…please take care of your health. It was so special…then first ultrasound day came and I was so excited to see my baby…though that time he was very tiny…my sweet cravings started from that day…morning sickness ohh so golden days were those…I can not forget that…. 

Vinny Banwari Chawla Guilt free hogging

Arpita Sharma Sleeping …

Munisha Malhan Movements of foetus and his kicks

Deepika Puri Verma Leisure and sleeping.. And pampering..

Mehzuali Mehzuali Sleeping, rest, and bestest my dd kicks and twist and turn

Neha Chandra Kicking

Surya Abhinav Tamrakar Husband’s care

Priya Bajaj hubby ki pampering and his cooking

Kitty Kalra Sindhwani Movements

Sakshi Sharma Everything now! The pampering the hogging without guilt! Everyone handling my moods without complains.. blackmailing husband with tears.. holidaying… making my hubby drive 20 kms to take me to my fav place to eat!

Bhavna Bhira Sahni Eating and eating and eating…. Without worrying about inches and sleeping!

Akansha Payal Sharma My cutie’s kicks and movements..

Anupriya Mitra Bose Foetus movements, awesome foods that relatives brought occasionally and sound sleep

Jaya Wardhan Sharma The kicks

Sonam Agarwal Bhasin Everything…. All those kicks, going for ultrasounds, pampering….. Want to exclude only vomiting problem

Smriti Sharma Pampering by husband

Prianca Patki Hogging, pampering, baby kicks

Monali Laddha Hubby pampering

Neha Sachin Pahuja Husband’s care and pampering…

Anupama Khaitan Gupta Eating in the name of craving!!! For just anything!!!

Amisha Singhal Baby bump

Rupa Jadhav Bhat My cutie’s kicks and movements..

Neha Abhishek Singh Rest and the kicks

Seema Jain Sleeping and rest

Ravneet Kaur Baby movement

Ritika Sharma Special care from my hubby.

Leena Arora Kicks

Drishti Anand Sharma Sleeping

Percis Carol Baby bump and eating anything any time ka license..

Neha Ashutosh Tiwari Foetus movement….pampering…..cravings…everything….just loved that phase

Shaveta B Mittal Special care from hubby

Kanika Kohli Baby bump , everyone’s care and sleeping

Sharan Saini Kakade I used to miss baby movements till few months after delivery but now nothing…. I am happy that I am no more pregnant… Haha..

Manvi Ahuja Dhamija Special care…. Movement… Kick

Sanyukta Das His Kicks, movements, listening to his heartbeat during FST, seeing him growing in every screening. The whole journey was wonderful.

Siddhi Shelar-Wadambe Unrestricted hogging of chocolates, ice creams; hubby’s pampering; unrestricted sleep; babu’s roller coaster rides..

Kiranpreet Kaur Pampering spending time with my hubby

Priya Harpal Singh Chouhan Pampering by hubby..

Ratika Tarun Gupta I miss those days and night which my husband use to give me…pampering…love…care…those feelings….and of course talking to my princess for hours and hours

LalitAman Malik Baby’s kicks nd movements… Amazing that was !

Dilpreet Lamba Eating and Sleeping

Nishtha Shukla Hubby’s care..pampering. ..bearing with mood swings love….all the special attention …and yes eating and sleeping

Nishi Parashar Special love from husband

Madhvi Himanshu Rastogi Kicks and bump…

Mariam Daud Aga pampering by all of them in surroundings..and especially by hubby…

Jazz Kaur Sleep

Nitika Vikas Goyal Good things..like special care, movements, and bad thing which scared me is vomiting….I won’t forget it ever…

Shikha Vivek Singh My babies movement for sure

Vinisha Gupta Markan Loving to become fat day on day

Nikita Patel Rest

Mamta Singh special attention & caring & loving behavior of every one…baby kick, special love from hubby

Ashita Saigal baby movements in tummy

Pooja Khatri Baby’s kick

Tanu Hasija Arora Baby bump, baby movements in ultrasound scan

Renu Jassal Pampering

Bhavna Vineet Sharma Special care from my hubby and sasuma…baby bump..unrestricted sleep…

Khadija Murtuza Vohra NO WORK TO DO and utilizing my free time to fulfill my hobbies!

Kirti Gaurav Bhide Pampering by hubby and baby movements

Deepa Tyagi The kicks! The visit for ultrasound scans! The bump! What not!

Meenu Choudhary Kicks movements of my baby
Himani Singh Bisht Those kicks

Sita Chandran Kudtarkar Movement n kicking… 

Tarneet Kaur Everything from love and care of hubby to endless sleeping n eating… baby kicks were adorable

Nikita Karnawat Kunkulol Love from hubby…

Shipra Dolly my baby’s kick..

Sonali Panchal Mummy k haat ka khana

Sana Shueb Perwin My baby bump….

Sonia Vashist Special care from husband
Mousmi Diptendu Mukherjee Pampering by hubby and baby movements..

Aparajita Ghosh Rest time, baby kicks, talking to my baby at ease, which he doesn’t listen now. 

Kamal Chaudhary Movements and kicks

Arpita Sharma Being with mom and papa… the most..

Nidhi Mukherjee Bihar jake chatpata khana golgappe khana and pamper by family movements of baby

Deepika Khare Kicks by my baby

Swati Gaurav Gupta Baby kicks…

Anju Gandhi Kicks when I used to play song
Deepti Singh Care of my hubby…

Parul Chhabra Special attention, extra care n pampering by all d family members. And baby kicks specially when my hubby used to touch my womb…. Aaawwwww I’m missing it …..

Diksha Mohit Arora My hubby’s pampering, mil love n care..baby kicks…visits to doc , motu petu n sabse jada co sleep with hug with my hubby

Monika Chauhan Verma Hubby love and baby kicks and care from everyone
Itee Gupta husband’s care

Savita Tandel-Patil Special care from everyone parents, in-laws, office buddies, friends, husband care and of course my baby’s kicks

Savita Chhabra Babies kick and utmost hubby’s pampering.

Nikisha Modi Pampering from husband and family..Baby kicking and hiccups

Sumedha Sah Priority seat in train and less work in office..

Kalpana Chhabra Arora Husband’s care and attention… And most important a big baby bump. .

Meenakshi Vashisth Nyi nyi cheeje khana jo weight gain ke daar se ab ni kha skte

Simmy Yadav Sleeping yaar

Shalini Ankit Aggarwal Baby movements

Anita Kalyani Sleeping, baby movements, ultrasounds

Sakshi Sharma Husband ‘s care and baby kicks

Divya Seth Chawla Baby kicks and hubby pampering

Eity Tiwari Special care by my husband….

Dimple Kapoor Baby kicks really very awesome feeling..

Sonali Jha Movement of babies ..

Neha Khurana Kesar sleeping

Solita Viegas Fernandes I miss eating without any guilt, talking to my baby, my ultrasound where I could hear my babies heart beat.

Sunayana Kaushal Sharma Baby’s kick

Shruti Jain Mittal Nothing mine was tough very tough

Neelu Dhingra Baby’s movements…
Dhruvi Shah Sanghavi everything!!!
Rupali Manoj Acharya Special care from dad..which is now transferred to der grandchildren ..and baby feeling inside tummy.. Wowowwww… Yeah and everyone’s attention…. As my tummy was too big coz of twins..
Naureen S. Alam My baby’s hick ups….
Kriti Gulati Everything!

Priya Rai Pregnancy cravings…Husbands pampering..care frm everyone.. Baby movements and hiccups

Sunaina Sandeep Balani Hearing baby’s heartbeat in ultrasound and feeling his movements inside..
Angel Kaur I would ask my husband for late night long drives and he never said no at that time no matter how tired he was and now late night long drives were.. never the same but yea we do enjoy long drives with our now 7 year old dd
Deepika Praveen Kumar Sharma Happiness and eagerness of hubby
Geeta Azad Singh Khatirdaari

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