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10 Moms Share What They Miss Most About Pregnancy

Mom #1

I miss baby moving, kicking & visit to hospital to see baby progresses & ultrasound & most one listening heart-beat of little one. – Wadia Hetal

Mom #2

I miss my baby’s kicks and movements and as each day passed, I would get more excited and imagine, how my baby would look like, how will my baby smile, how will my baby look at me….I miss imagining all that. But the wonderful part is…I’m experiencing all this now…in real! – Nainika Gulwani 

Mom #3

The kind of pamper you get and my baby bump – Percis Carol

Mom #4

I miss each and every moments that time I treated as so special… Every visit of hospital.. My hubby’s care and concern – Reeta Manish Sagar 

Mom #5

I miss pregnancy dressing up. Sounds funny but I do ! – Jassmine Kaur 

Mom #6

I missed my baby movement n one thing i cant forgot that one day i went for ultrasound n doc doing ultrasound but my baby is moving so much den doc said “apka baby bahot naughty h wo ultrasound nahi karne de raha ap plz bahar wait karo jab wo so jaega to karenge ultrasound”. – Poonam Verma 

Mom #7

I miss all pampering done by husband… Don’t do this.. Don’t do that.. Lol..I miss untimely crazy cravings…I crave for mangoes in month of Dec.. I miss how the sweet gajar halwa seems bitter to me..N all those loves n hates suddenly disappears after delivery.. I miss kicks n movements of my both babies… I miss the feeling that they’re growing inside me…I miss the moment when I tested the pregnancy with kit… I miss each and every moment… It’s really an AMAZING EXPERIENCE… N ONLY A WOMEN CAN EXPERIENCE IT!!!! – Nidhi Goyal 

Mom #8

When my baby moved in my belly.. It was a terrific feeling experiencing a little being fighting for more space in womb.. Lucky are those who were pampered by their partners and family members.. I didn’t have the fortune to experience this.. Yet no qualms, feeling my baby move inside me made to forget all the emotional and physical pain..– Anjali Girdhar 

Mom #9

Not one but every single moment of pregnancy is Magical…d moment u get d confirmation to d moment u get 2 hold ur child,u feel u r blessed to be a woman….i so miss everything related to being pregnant from baby’s first movements to going 4 d ultrasound appointments to hearing d heartbeats to just looking at me and realizing..there’s a person in there…!!!!!!!! – Divya Amit 

Mom #10

The midnight ice creams, pampering. Announcement to hubby for baby arrival n worry for weight not increasing . Specially me crying for not getting admitted when doc asked for delivery time. – Isha Sharma 

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