Tips to Improve your Short Term Memory

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You might think that you only need water to quench thirst when you feel it and because your body needs it, but did you know that water is one of the key ingredients in keeping the brain functional? Now, water doesn’t get transported in large quantities to the brain. Instead, the body absorbs it, and it fuels the brain by other means. So how does it work and what can you do to improve your brain power and short-term memory? Let’s start!

Water and Brain Function

As we mentioned before, water is a necessity in our lives, and without it, we die. The brain is our primary organ, which is around 85% water. The brain controls everything in our bodies; it controls our organs, it controls our thoughts, it controls everything. This is why you need to keep your brain hydrated properly. Water enables the brain to produce electrical signals which the brain uses to do various tasks. A lack of water means a lack of these signals or non-efficient work. In short – drink lots of water but not too much!

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Tips to improve short-term memory

  1.    Brain workout – Solving simple and complex tasks keeps your brain occupied. Constant working out helps keep your brain healthy and can potentially improve your short-term memory by a large margin. You can even do crossword puzzles, and you will be making a difference!
  2.    Keep your brain active – As we said before, you shouldn’t simply waste your entire day by watching television or sleeping. Do something productive and creative, and your brain will benefit from that. Even video games are a good choice because they promote thinking and problem solving.
  3.    Focusing and associating – Keeping focused on the task at hand will promote healthy thinking, and you will be able to solve problems much easier. Do not lose focus by doing something else in the meantime because your original task will be a bit more difficult. Also, associate things with other things and connect the dots – this will create a network of connections in your brain, so you will be able to associate things much more easily.
  4.    Stop Multitasking – Multitasking was once thought to be a characteristic of highly intelligent people, but science has unfortunately proven that this ‘fact’ isn’t a fact after all – it’s another way around. People suffer from multitasking because we lose our focus. When you multitask, you aren’t focused on any single activity and instead you are splitting that focus towards multiple directions. This can cause confusion and even damage to your memory and cognitive abilities. Stop multitasking and focus on one thing; don’t start something else before the original task is finished.
  5.    Master a new skill – You might be great at something you love right now, but how about learning a new skill that might come in handy in the future? It doesn’t have to be something you love because, even though (if you don’t love it that much) you won’t like it at the start, there’s a high possibility of it growing on you. It’s always good to know more things, and a particular skill might even help you out in life. You can start with something easy, and if you want, you can give some more complicated things a try!
  6.    The Choline-Brain connection – Choline is a brain booster in its purest form. Choline has a wide variety of positive effects, and it’s a vital nutrient that our bodies require to function properly. There are Choline nootropics which help improve the brain’s ability to remember things, solve problems, enhance focus, etc. If you’re looking for nootropics that will help improve your brain, you can start with Choline as it is one of the purest nootropics out there. You can find out more by visiting websites that specialize in nootropics such as


In the end, following these tips will guarantee you better brain performance. All you need is some patience because this sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight.



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Joe  is a writer for ‘The Mind Institute’. He has extensive knowledge of NootropicNation.

He also writers for several other supplement and brain enhancement websites.




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