An Open Letter to sufferers of PostPartum Depression


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Hello All. Not going into much detail, I would first like to brief you on what Postpartum depression means. Many mothers have silently suffered and many others continue to do so, not knowing about the condition.

Postpartum depression or PPD, is experienced by many women after they deliver a baby. It may last anywhere between a few weeks to months after the delivery.

2 (2)These new mommies, unlike most moms, don’t find the motherly feeling inside their heart. The baby kicks during pregnancy don’t fill their hearts with love and the baby-talks do not warm their souls and they are miserable.

They may feel that their lives just revolve around babies and their nourishment: feeding them, cleaning them, boiling their milk bottles, pacifying them when they cry.. They’ve no love towards their own motherhood. They might get irritated at small things, may forget where they kept the things or what were they up to, might lose their temper now and then. Some of them even think that they are not meant to be mothers, or be frustrated with themselves for not being a good mother.

My dear, if this is how you feel, then breathe, because you are not alone.

And the good news is that your condition is curable. The only thing you ought to do is meditate- at any time of the day, or before going to bed and tell yourself this:

Change is the only change that will never change.

All girls are deeply loved, and cared for in their parents’ families. They can get a better or a poor family after their marriage but not exactly the same, for sure. And they have to accept this fact to adjust.

Next, Think of those who are trying hard to conceive but are not being able to. Thank Almighty for the wonderful gift you are blessed with. You have to bring up a life not only for yourself but for the most beneficent and merciful Lord. And trust Him;

You are being blessed with a baby because He knows that you can handle the baby well1 (1)


If you feel fed up of looking after your kids and their necessities, along with other household chores, remember, time never remains constant, and this phase will pass.

So ladies, please, cheer up. Your babies will grow up soon and you won’t even believe how soon the time fuzzed.

If you are enjoying this phase and are afraid of losing this period and your dear one, which too is another symptom of Postpartum, even then remember that time stops for no one and enjoy your present and every moment to its fullest.

To conclude, I would just say, if any of you are suffering from Postpartum, please relax. It is just a condition and meditation will definitely help you. Being a mom of two little fellows, a two-year old and a two-month old, I understand how busy life gets. We just need to be happy, we need to be patient and give ourselves time to cope up and cone out of this depressing state. After all, time is the best healer.

Keep thanking and praying to God for everything that is good in your life. May God give us all the physical and the mental courage to raise a sensible and a responsible individual.

May God bless us all with all happiness in our lives and with all his might. Aameen.

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About Author: Shan e Fatima was born and bought-up  in Raebareli and worked as an assistant professor for 4 years in a Engineering college. She is now happily married and stays in Benaras, and is a mother to two beautiful daughters aged 3 months and 2 years, respectively. An amateur poet. In her own words, ” Patience is my strength. For me sky is not the limit. I always believe in doing good for whatsoever and whosoever.”

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