Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta – Treatment of Blood Cancer & other types of Bone Marrow Transplants (Part 1)

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Dr. Sunil K. Gupta, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, talks comprehensive approach for the treatment of cancer. He talks in detail about the treatment of blood cancer and various types of bone marrow transplants.

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Which screening tests have been used to detect cancer? 

  • Mammography is done to detect breast cancer. Breast MRI is done in women who have high risk of developing breast cancer. Women must also do self examination of the breasts regularly.
  • Low dose helical computed tomography has been used to detect lung cancer.
  • Colonoscopy/ Sigmoidoscopy have been used to detect colorectal cancer.
  • Pap smear test and human papilloma virus testing is used to detect cervical cancer.
  • Alpha-fetoprotein blood test is done in those who have high risk of developing liver cancer.
  • CA 125 test is done in women who have high risk of developing ovarian cancer.
  • Prostate specific antigen test is done to detect prostate cancer at an early stage.

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