Lesser known foods to avoid if your child consumes Breast Milk


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Being a breastfeeding mom, you have to carry the responsibility of giving all the nutrients to your child through breast milk, so you have to ensure that you eat all the right things that have good nutritional values that are healthy for you and your baby.
Always remember that whatever you will eat will be passed to your baby, so be careful while consuming some foods so that your child remains happy and fuss free.

The list of foods to avoid goes here below:

1. Coffee and tea cause sleeplessness, irritability and gas 2 (4)
2. Processed foods contain preservatives, which are not good for your child
3. Fish may sometimes lead to an allergic reaction in the baby
4. Fried and fatty foods in access could lead to obesity in the child as they contain trans and saturated fats
5. Spicy foods can cause acidity
6. Shell fish causes allergy
7. Raw cabbage can cause gas
8. Peanuts can cause allergy
9. Citric foods like lemons, oranges, sweet limes can cause acidity
10. Chocolates contain Caffeine which is unhealthy for the baby
11. Lentils cause gas problems

Other foods that can cause some kind of trouble for your child if your child consumes breast milk are Garlic, Mangoes, Dairy products, Eggs, Cherries, Prunes, Cauliflower, Peppermint, Parsley (decreases breast milk supply), Corn, Broccoli, Onion, Unwashed fruits, Soy, Sage and Tomatoes.
Though, not all of these foods will cause problem to your child, as every child is different, but still be careful and keep a check on your child and see how he reacts to your feeding after eating a particular food.
Hope this article helps the new moms. Happy motherhood!

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