5 Most Common Diseases in Children

Common Diseases in Children

Little children, most often than not, fall prey to diseases. Whether these are little ailments or slightly big ones. The illnesses last for days if not weeks and drain every ounce of energy from both the parents and the child. Here are 5 diseases, kids riddled with and their symptoms; Keep your eyes wide open, dear parents!


1. Chickenpox
One of the most common and perhaps, the most bothersome of all the diseases your child could contract. Caused by the varicella virus, it is highly contagious and spreads through bodily fluids.
Its starts out as a red rash that soon gets fluid filled. They extend to almost every part of the body and are incredibly itchy. Chickenpox is always accompanied by a fever that lasts the first couple of days. Your child will be extremely irritable and fatigued. School is completely out of question. Let Calamine lotion be your child’s savior.


2. Cold And Cough
The running nose, the sore throat; Aah, the banes of being a child. It is inevitable and every child during some point in their childhood, will have a cold and cough. Most often the reason for their absence from school or play dates, it is caused by the rhinovirus. It is wildly contagious and spreads from proximity to an affected individual.
A running nose and a sore throat are the predecessors to a full fledged cold and cough. Expect a fever to come on, during the initial stages of the disease. Coughing can increase gradually and then come to complete halt. Some children are tight in grasp of this monster for weeks; Medicines, of all shapes and sizes are out there to shoulder the burden.


3. Typhoid Fever
Kids put whatever they find in their mouths, therein, lies the trouble. Typhoid is contracted through contaminated food and water. Salmonella typhi is responsible for it and it puts the kid down, for weeks.
Diarrhoea and Constipation, both, result from Typhoid. A very high fever, weakness, loss of appetite and body ache are also characteristic of this disease. Without medication, Typhoid can last about a month and be torturous, all the while. The best idea would be to get your baby, immediate medical attention and rid him of the disease, as soon as possible.


Kids are sensitive to pollution. More kids suffer from asthma in metropolitan cities than ever before. The Asthma attack in asthmatic children, usually has a trigger. Triggers can range from something like dust mites to tobacco smoke. Your job is to steer clear of these triggers and always have a inhaler, on hand.
Incessant wheezing is a sign of asthma. Coughing, a tightness in the chest and shortness of breath can all owe their roots to asthma. There is medication to be taken everyday for the inflammation of the airways. This should be administered, diligently.


Food, Dust, Pets; Just about anything can incite an allergy in a little one. The silver lining is that all you really need to do is keep an arms distance from these allergens. These allergies present themselves in the lives of the children, pretty early on so you can take note.
Rashes when allergies of the skin, and sneezing when dust or animal dander. Antihistamine, in this case, can do the trick.


Gear up, dear parents, for parenting is no walk in the park. Protect your brood from the horrors of infection and disease!


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